1. Eager to say goodbye to this horrible fucking winter. I plastidipped my summer wheels bronze and took them for a spin. I forgot how well these tires gripped. I also forgot how much these tires tramlined on these shitty Michigan roads. Goal for this spring, get some swaybars installed and try to weigh down the steering a bit. Not sure how long I’ll keep the bronze, we”ll see if it grows on me.

  2. I got the Orion technology dual LED blinkers installed. They shine white in regular mode but switch to amber with turn signals.  I have no codes with the resistors but those things do get hot (not sure where to permanently mount them just yet. They look awesome, but now my headlights need more blue. 

    Also I got those pitted fogs replaced. :)

  3. anthonysims:

    Still snowing in Michigan.

  4. Finally back +1 shiny new bumper :)

  5. Another round of icecapades. 

  6. Just before my exit on the way to work, the truck one lane over loses it’s fire extinguisher and drops right in front of my car, punching the above hole in my bumper on a 0 degree morning. I’m pretty bummed out but glad it didn’t do more damage. The truck didn’t stop and Dearborn police was completely useless in helping me out. Looking for temporary solutions until u get it fixed.

  7. Other pics from this weekend. 

  8. Fun on the ice this weekend. :)

  10. Missed a milestone. :/ Also it’s no degrees again.